My artistic background is diverse and I have developed my artistic talents from an early age through drawing, painting, and photography. My field of study at the University level has been sculpture and mixed media in the broadest terms, ranging from digitally based art to ceramics. My artwork comes from a place where objects and experiences mingle with memory and contemplation. From a digitally manipulated box of acne medicine to audio depicting local movie theater show times, my work attempts to blur the lines of consumerism, commentary, humor, science, and art. Although some of the work bares the signature of digital production more than others, all of my work is underscored by digital design. The machines I digitally design and hand manufacture most closely emulate those of early aerospace and modern industry. With a combination of found objects, steel, plastics and motorized kinetics my machines attempt to fuse the curiosity, wonder and potential of science with the questioning of human existence and the limitations of the bodies we use as vehicles.


Time, 1998 - Mixed Media, Electronics, Kinetics.
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