At the time that I started this series of work back in 1993, I had not seen much in the way of digitally modified, store bought products. Times have changed. The 1970's collector cards
Wacky Packages were the first to take a shot at mass consumer products. Combining the Wacky Packages tradition with the computer and inexpensive, color printing has given me and countless others new avenues for commentary and art. This sort of thing is now common place. One can now see product spoofs on a daily basis in the Photoshop contests of FARK.com.

The one area where some of my work differs from the ordinary product spoof is my use of the narrative. Placing a personal story on the product is more about my individual relation to the product than the product itself. Looking back on this work I feel that it reflected my ideas and skills at the time in a fun and innovative way. Rereading the stories found in this body of work always gives me a chuckle.

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Courtesy Balm, 2000 - Mixed Media
3"H x 3"W x 3"D
All Images Copyrighted © David Krueger
All Rights Reserved
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