All artworks, web design and photography: David Krueger
All Images Copyrighted © David Krueger, All Rights Reserved
Except "Weather" collaboration and photographs: Peter Loh
Special code advice and invaluable support: Sylvia Bass

To state the obvious, the computer is a powerful tool. It was sometime back in 1993 that I asked Peter Loh to help me modify the label of a antique bottle (Whewell's Oil of Logic - see image). I watched Peter turn my idea into digital reality using Photoshop 2 on a Mac IIci. From that point on, I was hooked. I had used a Mac Plus to write all of my early college papers, but this was the first time I had actually used it in producing an artwork. Since then I have used computer graphics extensively in my artwork and I even fix Macs for a my day job.
Thank you Peter.

All web design, image editing, and graphic design was done using Apple Power Macintosh computers with Adobe and Macromedia Application Software.
Thanks to Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and everyone at Apple.
Panther Rocks!

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Medicine, 1993 - Detail
© David Krueger
All Rights Reserved
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